I made a decision at a very young age to save myself for marriage. I am very firm on this.it is the greatest thing, however.... Extreamly difficult. I may be a virgin at 20 years of age,but I have literally dated just about every guy in town in the time frame of 16 to 18. When I first started dating I didnt think it was something to share, so I didnt & Those relationships ended pretty bad.. I later decided that it was only fair for me to warn a guy first thing, that I will not be sexually active with him. He will act like he is cool with it then out of no where become distant and cone to find out, the only reason he was cool with it was because he had someone on the side who would do what I couldn't... So they cheat or just leave. It is ALWAYS this way. With every one of em. Now, I have a reputation.. Every guy wants to be with me but I know that is only because they take it as a challenge! I have felt with this particular situation twice! Guys bet that the other can't get it and he plays with feelings... Its all a game to them. I just dont understand why I am being treated like this. I know that I am attractive and I am really kind hearted and I have high goals in life and i am Taking steps to reach them! Im not concieted by any means.. I am just trying to understand why no man has ever saw anything more in me... Its all about one thing... They walk away so easily. Like i was nothing special. Its heartbreakeing. & i am just so confused. & Its like no one understands what i am going through.. I feel like im nothing more than a game to them and its not fair. I am so lost.. :'(
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Thanks for being so honest. I wish I had saved myself for marriage - I think it's an amazing thing that you're doing & your husband is going to be a lucky man to know his wife waited for him. I found that guys in their 20's were usually only after 1 thing - I guess their hormones are running wild & some of them can be pretty immature. Having said that, I have met 20 year olds who are very mature. I guess it's important to spend time with the guy (don't have the sex talk) & just make it clear you're really only looking for friendship. The guy who's going to respect you & not push you into it is a keeper. I think if you come out to begin with about the no sex rule they will automatically see it as a challenge. You don't owe them anything. Men can put pressure on you but your body is your own. You stay strong honey!