So Much For That....

I let the things my daughter did to me go in hopes of being involved with my grandchildren and three times now she has managed to mess up my plans to stop by and see them.  On my grand daughters 10th birthday June 21 I called to tell her happy birthday and my daughter said that she was asleep so I said that I would call back later.  Four attempts later including the last one at 930pm I still had not talked to my grand daughter.  My daughter did not answer the phone and the answering machine was full and stayed that way all day and all night as of the last time that I called.  I sent a text message that also went unanswered. I called at 10am on the 22nd and the story was the same.  I have absolutely no idea why my daughter doesn't want me to tell that baby happy birthday.  The little one has been calling me now and then and is always asking me about coming over for a visit and I'd schedule something but my daughter would let it fall through.  I am not really sure where they live so I can't just pop up over there and demand to see her children which I would do otherwise.  When it comes to them and them wanting to see me I don't tread lightly.  My daughter admitted that she was jealous of how things are going for me now after she nearly destroyed me and had me suicidal.  There is this really bad looking rooming house next door to where I'm living now and when I saw her and headed in this direction she thought that I was going there and said she was jealous that I had a place and that she wasn't jealous anymore now that she saw where I lived.  I told her that I didn't live in that place and she said "now I'm jealous again".  Why in the world would that girl begrudge her own mother a decent place to live especially after what she'd done to me and caused me to lose?  I am totally flabbergasted at the way her mind functions. It's got to be all those years of drug use and abuse! I can't deal with her anymore! My concern is for them babies anyway. It is unfortunate that I have to go through her to see them.  I will just let this particular episode of her stupidity die down and then I will try to contact my grand kids again.  On a brighter note, my son will leave for boot camp on Friday of next week.  He's very excited about it too.

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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

I am sorry that you didn't get a chance to see your grandkids. I hope that you can work things out with your daughter.