My Thoughts

what are you doing?
why are you doing that?
Why don't you just stop?
you should really do something
don't walk there
don't go over there
don't hang out with them
don't say that
why are you so werid
quit it
quit embarrassing yourself
quit pacing you look paranoid
quit liking that kind of music
quit sitting in that chair
why do you sit there
quit being so afraid
quit being a ***** and man up
what are you scared of
it's only the real world
quit breathing stupid face
your anxious
your shaking
your sweating
your ugly inside and out
your doing that thing again
you better criticize yourself
your guilty
your embarrassing me
you need to party like me
you need to be more like them
why don't you just conform
you don't know how you are but i do
your werid

negativity kills
UnderTheBridge UnderTheBridge
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2011