I Can't Get You

My life has been in a gigantic spiral, running and jumping to some unknown area. It makes me feel almost like Mario, accept I ain't looking for my Princess Peach, or am I?
What's my Princess Peach? Who is my Princess Peach? Is it even a princess? I hope not I'm not really into chicks to be honest.
So I've changed my running to a stroll, and went from jumping to having a little more pop in my step.
My outlook went from that of a bloodhound on crack looking for something that probably was never even there, to just floating around and just letting things happen.
Maybe that's why nothing ultra exciting happens, but that's okay too much excitement is bad for the heart.
Besides it'd be like biting into the forbidden fruit, once you bite, you'll want more and more, and addiction ain't my thing.

So now that I've mellowed out or like I say I have, I'm still in this rut, asking "What should I do?", "Where should I float to next?"

Honesty is key so I shall tell you.
I just don't know.
And that's life isn't it?
The great unknown.
To live is the greatest mystery there is.
So I'll just go with it for now, until I go stir crazy and rip some idiots to shreds.
MauMauDra MauMauDra
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2011