Which Way Is Up?

so... erm... what are we? for all we know we can be a speck in someone elses universe... i just dont know.

which way is up?... is there an up? i mean there is an above but how do we know that is up...  it could be down or sideways. why does 2 plus 2 equal 4? and 3 plus 3, 6

if what i see is different from what that other person sees how do we know we are looking at the same thing?? if purple to me looks purple, why does that guy say its blue or pink.



Shae Shae
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 1, 2007

feel that there r no tru answeres to the questions cuz my answers r dff from urs and the random guy n japan has a completely different view...<br />
<br />
so no i dont want an answer... just POV

r u relly lookin 4 answers .. and would u accept the answers or just further question them and or re-angle ur perspective to find a contradiction to the answers ? ..<br />
<br />
coz those questions , in my opinion , generally led us to where we are today , theyve ( people in *our* pasts ) figured out and established some of the things uv mentioned to free themselves , and us , from confusion ..<br />
<br />
our new confusions and answers should be kept within *todays* stuff , rather than re-invent the wheel , jus know its been done , and discover new places the wheel can take us to ..<br />
<br />
ur opinion ? .. ur feelings ? .. ur thoughts ? .. *after uv considered a couple of things for about 15 minutes .. tx*