Sexless Marriage

My wife will not kiss me,and when we have sex she doesn't participate.

she says she loves but don't show it. I once told her that I felt she loved her job more than me.

She said it would kill her to loose her job. She is very cold in the affection part.

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4 Responses May 9, 2007

LOL - Cheleanne - thats very naughty!! <br />
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Hope you can sort things with yuor wife, if she doesn't know theres a problem then you must tell her.

I hear ya there... my husband is the same way... gee, maybe we should hook them up together.... they can be sexless together! LOL

It seems you have things that you want from her that she is not giving you. Do you know why this is? Does she not know what you need or want? Or does she feel unable? Or does she not want to because of things you do that she doesn't like, or things you don't do for her?

that's very sad...