And I Am Ok With It.

I don't think I am the type of person who wants to be faithful. Not because I don't love my partner, but because it is so hard for one person to be everything to some one. I like having a friend that I can talk to when I want to be silly, one I can call when I am in the mood for romance, and one who has a stronger personality than I do. I have tried over and over to find all of that in one person to no avail. I finally realized that it is impossible. Add in the fact that I am a very sensual and sexual person, and I have found myself in situations that would be considered cheating. For years I tried serial monogamy and ended up unhappy and making some one else very unhappy too. So beign an adult, I decided to just be honest about how I want to live my life. Why is it so hard for those who are not involved to accept that maybe I and my partners are happy with the life we live?
whome21 whome21
Jul 11, 2010