Story # 1

  I'm a bit nervous because I usually don't put my opinions out there for fear of others attacks and/or rejection. There are a few things though that I just don't think is right or fair.....

  The first thing is.... joining a site like EP, sharing stories and whathave you, being married (whether happily or not) and then "falling in love" with someone on here. I'm not saying it can't happen, I just don't think you should be getting that involved with someone if you're already committed/married. If it isn't a good marriage, then GET OUT. It's not fair to the one at home or the person on here, wishing things were different and/or not knowing there's anything wrong. I believe that anything sexual in nature, even what most call "harmless" flirting undermines a marriage and the trust that HAS to be in any relationship.....

  I figure I'm either going to **** a lot of people on here off, because I have noticed an awful lot of these kinds of interactions on here....Or I'm going to be completely ignored. Not sure which one I'm hoping for to be honest.

  I'm hoping that no one feels like I'm attacking them, because that was not my intention. I just wanted people to think. I've been through something like this and it hurts terribly when you find out. Especially if like me, you had no idea what was going on..... Just think of the other party, the one that you're in essense "Screwing Around" on. There's a reason why it's called cyberSEX, & ********.

  Ok, Going to hide now..... Teri

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I love people who tell it like it is :) good on you Teri for speaking your mind, your my kinda girl.

i agree with you no fear from me ha ha your totally in the right i am with someone we have been married 14 years since i was 16 i think some people think this site is for cheating on each other how can they fall in love with people on here when where all here to make friends and help people not date everyone that so much as says hi lol