Sick Parents

I will Admit here and now ,i never wanted children and don't have any ater 27 years, these parents who have children then kill them why? I read about so many people who do bad things to kids for punishment,what did the kid do that is so bad , People wake up you are there to teach them ,why bother having children  if  you cannot take care of them,be there for them,take some time,out of your petty little life and look around ,i see people throw the kids away because the kids are smarter than the parent,for being born,whipped and torn up by many types of punishment ,all these  teenagers having children one after another  and not being able to take care of these kids ,all for welfare ,when does it end? me personaly am glad i do not have kids ,i know i cant afford them,i will talk to other peoples kids and not be envious of those people.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

just so are you aware of this when i get a hold of something like this ,my passion comes out,sorry about this princess