I Don't Understand When I ...

I don't understand when I freak out about stupid simple things that other people do all the time...
last night it was when Eric asked me to pull his dad's car into an empty spot on his street so he could put his car in the driveway and his mom could move hers so his would be in front of hers.  I got scared and said I wouldn't drive anyone else's car and went home. (to let my puppy out, I came back after musical cars were done)

But I freak when Eric's trying to teach me to swim, to put my head under water just freaks me out....I'm glad he's patient (even though I know it frustrates him sometimes, he tries not to let it show)

I just feel like I grew up wrapped in bubble wrap... never learned how to do anything of much use.  Can't swim (even though we had a pool in the backyard) can't ride a bicycle (even though I always had one in the garage).....and now when I try, I freeze.  Don't understand myself.
mandarose524 mandarose524
26-30, F
Jul 4, 2007