I just don't understand my fears. I can lie in my bed happily one day and miss my girlfriend and want nothing more than to have her in my arms and the other day I have her with me and I'm so scared because she's so close that I can't breathe.

I always tell myself that when I'm together with my girlfriend I will remember the moments when I wanted her to be with me and how much I really do love her, but ... I can't.

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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

When my boyfriend is with me I feel crowded and held down, when he is not there all I think about is how empty the space around me seems. I have issues, but damn if I understand them. I know what its like to be confused too.

No. I know she loves me, she tells me all the time. it's really just me...

Doe's she love you or is that what you're worried about?