Man That Sucked

i hate when you make something to eat and then drop it, i have the kind of luck where i always manage the butter/jelly side down. now i dropped my fishsticks and it made me crabby. especially cause that was the end of the box. delicious organic baked not deep fried seasoned fishsticks, all down the drain.

i gonna cry.

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6 Responses Aug 6, 2007

oh man! a baked potato. that would **** me off too! i did it with a spinach and mushroom pizza the other day, but i had it on a peice of tin-foil directly on the oven rack. when i went to pull it out i : <br />
A. broke the side of the tinfoil.<br />
B. burned my hand on the top of the oven<br />
C. flopped the pizza face down on the oven door. <br />
<br />
that smelled "great", ok, not really but hey.

I made rice noodles the other night. I was starving. I went to the sink to drain the water I'd cooked them in by holding the lid just a little askew off the pan. It was working great till all at once *foop!* all the noodles slid en masse out of the pan and into the sink (ew) and then directly down the garbage disposal (ewww!) My noodles!<br />
<br />
I guess I'm still upset about that!<br />
<br />
But fishsticks on the floor? Naw, that amount of germs is good for you! Sort of inocculates you, keeps the immune system fighting fit and all. That's what the scientists say, anyway.

A few years ago my wife and I were at a friends home for dinner when she was carrying the au gratin potato dish and droped it on the floor. My wife got a spatula and scooped the potatoes back into the dish and we never knew what happened until my wife confessed later. We now refer to them as carpet potatoes every time we make them.

aw man, that sucks even more. i haven't had my fishsticks fall there, but i am sure that it would not be fun. <br />
my mom has a gap between the oven and her counter... i've dropped stuff in there before and know how pissy that makes me. <br />
<br />
i command your fish sticks to behave!!!

Mine didn't fall on the floor, oh no, then I could just pick them up or at least the cat would enjoy them. Oh no, (and I am not making this up) mine fell into the hinge between the oven and oven door, where they proceeded to nicely squash into a mess when I tried to get them out. Fish sticks obey Murphy's law just like everything else.

hygiene be damned, eat 'em anyway!!! :D