Only Married 5 1/2 Months

I married a man who I loved and didnt realize what I was getting into until after we were married and I saw day to day who he was. My soon to be ex husband is a raging alcoholic drunk who was abusive physicaly and mentaly. He was a manipulator and a liar. He had sent me some scary text messesges and I was afraid for my life. I had to file a protective order. He was arrested for being 4 times the legal limit drunk. I would never go back to him he has ruined my life. This was my third marriage and it depresses me I am only 44 and feel like Noone would ever want to be with me because of being married 3 times.
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thats because u r an abuser urself

I think you are saying something that is out of line.I have never abused anyone its not in my character. Its horrible to be hit, grabbed threatened have your phone hidden and called names when you have done nothing to deserve it. Dealing with someone who drinks a 5th a day you cant. I am sorry that you would be so cruel it saddens me that you dont know me or the hell I lived through and you would make an asumption about me. Those who point a finger have 3 pointing back.

why dont you just live your life and quit worrying about men right now - you have had 3 marriages that have not worked out for you and you are obviously hurt over it - so why even think about men right now? - you should allow yourself to heal but you will eventually find the one - just try not to worry about it right now

I am not worrying about finding a man right now, I know I need to heal and am focusing on that. I guess its looking at the road ahead that makes me sad.

you said that no one would want to be with you because you have been married 3 times and that makes men kind of wander why you have been involved with 3 men and have not been able to maintain a relationship with them - what do you think the problem is? - why is it that you have been married 3 times and were not able to keep a solid and healthy relationship with them?

hmm... i have similar exp. he abusive And manipulative... but i still love him and want to stay.. i just cannt leave him...its pain in the neck to see him sufferring if i m gone

I will tell you this you cant fix him and the path you are on will not get better. It takes courage to walk away, I know first hand. You have one shot at life and do you really want to live it with someone who doesnt love you? There is no excuse for abuse ever. Since I have left I dont regret it!