How Long Should I Wait?

Ok so I'm always the first to txt him, honestly I'm kinda tired and I figured if he really was thinking about me he'd txt me but it's been 2 days, how long should I wait before making it official that he's not the one for me?
Gdebee92 Gdebee92
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

He's officially not the one for you 1 day back, but just to be sure, wait one extra day, if he doesn't reply after that, ditch him, because you're clearly nothing important to him if he ignores you for so long, unless of course something comes between you two, then it's different, else he's just a jerk.

Thanks he finally txtd me first , he even came to my job, I'm starting to think he actually likes me .

That's great! ^^ Hope it works out for you.