Moving On

One thing that i find really hard to do, at least for me is to move on. It seems so hard to keep your head up high all the time and not let anyone get you done. Compared to everyone else's problems, sometimes my problems just seem like nothing. It may be the recent break up that i had or it may be the worry about my future, but i can't seem to move out of this depression. I can't even come to understand what is making me so sad and question life. Im sick of all this ranting and pep talks and fact that i have to talk to feel better. I wish these emotions wouldn't bother me so much. This jealousy, this thinking. It feels like i don't want to move on from my stage of life. I always try to put on a smile but sometimes it just defeats me. Sometimes i feel like i just want attention, and i just want to see people that care about me. I know people do care about me but it seems that i am really stubborn when it comes to moving on. I wish i could just be like my friend when it comes to relationship's. To not care, to show no concern about breaking up. It's the pain that kills me and it hurts, especially to know that she lost interest in you. I think it may just be a combination of everything going on around my life. Does anyone else feel like this, they want to make a change in their life and they take the first step but they just keep getting knocked down?
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Jan 14, 2013