Got Spanked

Hey i just got a spanking from mom. well mom told me it was bed time and i was playing my game and i said give me a few more mins and she said no get to bed not and she turned off my game well without thinking i said sh#t you just messed my game up i did not save it. she said what did you say to me and she grabed me by the arm and stood me up and took to a corner and stood me there she said i will be back. well she came back with the belt and a bar of soap and set on the couch and called me over the her. she took my basketball shorts and underwear down and put the bar of soap in my mouth and guided me over her lap. well she started spanking me hard i think i got like 50 spanks. after the spanking she put me back in the corner  with the bar of soap in my mouth still for 30 mins. after the corner time she said rinse and get to bed. my butt is really sore right now. ok well i have to get to bed before i get caught up and get another spanking. 
miklcon148 miklcon148 16-17, M 23 Responses Jan 19, 2012

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can you add me?

I know just how you feel man

You really deserved it, boy!

you should have listened

I would of had your shorts and underwear down too spanking your bare bottom so hard for not doing as you were told

Sorry to hear that. My mom was the same way. Corner time was the absolute worst after a spanking

Did you have welts and Bruises?

sory bro my dad also spanks me

sounds like you deserved it hope you learned something.
Have you had any spankings in 2014 yet if not when was your most
recent spanking? Is anyone else in your house spanked?

She did ruin your game, and spanked you and made you hold soap in your mouth, shame on her!
I would like to chat with you if you would like to add me.

:'( Sorry man

ha ha ha, i would like been there and see your mom spanked your *** and your mouth full<br />
of soapsud, ha ha ha ha.

Are you saying you had the bare of soap in your mouth while being spanked that must have been hard to keep it in your mouth while you are being spanked at the same time.

Michael come talk to me if you would like because of your age I cannot contact you.

Wow the belt hurts badd ! Did you cry .? Do you go to bed on time now ?

Jeez sorry this happened Michael :( That seems pretty harsh for what u did. Especially the soap. 30 minutes? o.0

All mothers should educate their files like yours. And educate their future daughter-in this sense!

Well deserved and BRAVO! Mother.

Do you get spanked or paddled at school?


soap yuck, was your bottom bare

yes my bottom was bare

how many swats did you get how old are you

i am 16 i got 45 swats

I got caught up about a month ago online like at 2:00 at night. Thats way past bedtime.<br />
Mom gave me her hairbrush the next day. <br />
i've had soap b4 to it sux so bad to do that..

Does she do this a lot, Michael?


I get the belt but not soap in my mouth.

I will watch my p's and q's the rest of the weekend and yes my butt was still sore this morning. Next time i will just go to bed when told.