This Weekend......

Punishment this weekend....Really scared....I have 66 lashings coming from the belts and I don't know how many coming from his hands....I don't want this and if I could avoid it I could but it is my fault.......66 may seem like a lot to you but I will explain how it works.....Every time I do something wrong I get it 1 time from the studded and five from the stacks up least I am being allowed to wear jeans when I am belted......Will write a story on how it goes......
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If you had seen the bruises by going thru my pictures you would have noticed the bruises were on my sides soo yes sitting was an option. Back off if you don't know the whole story or how the lifestyle works.

The bruises are a badge of honor. You are so lucky.

If I had administer your spanking. Your bottom would be bare. I would use my hand or my wood handle hairbrush not a belt. Yes, the fashion I give spanking is prolong but theres no bruising or bleeding. Yes,you would have a sore bottom afterwards.

i like the bruises

If you don't mind my asking, what did you do?

back talk, physical aggrersion

Why r u getting punished? Why not just get a hand spanking?good luck i know your butt will be real sore n red!

Amazingly story.

Good luck will be thinking of u presumably he still loves you!

IMHO Physical aggression on the part of a pet requires significant punishment. It seems that although you felt it was plenty, you got what was necessary to continue your training and to confirm you without breaking you. Kudos to your master, he sounds spot on. And the reward afterwards does show you how much your are truly loved doesn't it?

i wasnt hurt to badlly

your master is too kind slave...need to take u in hand

My punishment was plenty.

I am usually a very good girl

you must be a bad little girl

your lucky it was so few then

Trust me Sir. It was not few at all. I had horrible bruises on the sides of my legs from where the belt wrapped around me. It hurt so bad. My bruises probably lasted for 2 weeks at least

what did you do to get the punishment and is this the ferst time you have dun this to earn you the punishment

back talk, not following time constraints, physically abusing him when angered

So, did you get your 66 lashes?

I´m used to get the belt. Many times I got the belt on my bare buttocks.

Should have been completed by now. Hopefully hear soon.

It was completed and I am healed......

Ah ok. ty for the update.

Yes Sir

Bare the lesson would be learned better.

it was learned enough

Good :)

You sound like me!

Rough stuff!

sounds like alot btu i know its not<br />
at least you get t okeep jeans on i wuld get it bare if it was me or my girls

my *** would have been bleeding if i was bare

Sounds a bit over the top to me. I have always been able to make my point bare hand to bare butt

Normally that is what it is but this was because of prolonged disobedience

Why was it allowed to go on so long? I suppose I should not question another's judgement in such matters, but ... still seems a bit much

We were both to busy to punish me fully...I got punishments when I messed up but he said I just wasnt learning my lesson

i hope it gose well for u

are you to be gagged for your punishment?

no.......he likes to hear my pain

I can understand your fear. I´m happy to get caned instead.

sometimes i wish i could.....but its to traumatizing

To get punished with a studded belt, which is completely made of metal must be very hard and be very painful. I do understand why you are allowed to wear jeans. <br />
Good luck!

Painful is an understatement.......I have been hit once by it before and it knocked me forward....this one is new and hasnt been broken in......

66 lashings by the belt is harsh but getting it while wearing a jeans is not as hard as being caned on the bare bottom, as I am used to be beaten.<br />
<br />
I'm curious to hear how it was.

I have been cane and my *** was bleeding since then everytime I hear the word it traumatizes me so my Masters no longer do it......the studded belt is all metal so I will be hurt and unable to walk when he is finished with me......I am wearing jeans so I wont have open wounds but I will have busted blood vessels and bruises

your bottom much look nice after belting bruised an busted blood vessels

it was bruised for a long time

god luck