I was spanked yesterday and it has been a long time since I had been. In early October my wife and then me got this horrible sinus infection and we were coughing a lot, eating cough drops like M&Ms, blowing our noses and it went on for a very long time.We used lots of boxes of kleenex. Then three weeks ago my wife had a mini-stroke and she is fine but it conspired to lengthen the time since the last time we had sex and the last time she spanked me.

But yesterday was different. We have a four bedroom house and only one bedroom is for that purpose. We go to the lower backbedroom to have sex and spank. She went first and got naked and lit incense and candles to set the mood. I came into the candle lit room, saw her sexy plump body outlined by the candles, ******** quickly and hugged her and kissed her. as with most times we have sex, lots of hugging and kissing and sweet nothings whispered back and forth then move into her grabbing a belt or paddle, telling me to bend over the stool and she proceeds to whack me goo. The first five spanks really got my attention and I stopped her as I hadn't been spanked for two months. we got down on the floor and hugged and kissed and I entered her and we ****** and orgasmed at the same time and enjoyed the ambiance and feeling. Oh it was wonderful. we stood back up and I motioned to the paddle and bent over and she whacked my *** 10 good sharp times and the warm feeling on my *** was wonderful. I am looking forward again to being spanked on a regular basis.
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Dec 2, 2012