Wetting On A Rainy Day

today, it is so rainy here. All the snow has melted now, and nothing but rain remains. And I have to work outside today - we have to do plenty of work until the beginning of March as afterwards cutting wood is no longer allowed. Well, I started to work early this morning and even though I was wearing my rainpants, it did not long last until I felt the wetness on my legs and shanks, on my back and really everywhere. Cold it was, too.

Naturally, my phantasies started to run. This weather again is the opportunity to let got in my pants. No one will ever notice, especially as I was wearing those rain pants over my working trousers. Thought and done, but not immediately. At least, I wanted to enjoy it, so I wanted to do it slowly. Working and thinking about it, feeling the growing pressure... . Feeling the waves of lust running through my body and my *..* . A few minutes ago, the pressure stroke against the top of it and it was hard to hold. Pressing once, twice and then I let go a little spurt. Warm and soft the wetness ran down slowly, down my crotch and down my thighs, just a little bit. It reached my knees warm and wonderful. A few minutes later I did it again, just a little bit. It was hard to stop, but I managed to. So nice, when the wet flood warms my legs and my crotch. A little bit also ran out my trouser leg also. To be honest, now I am really turned on and excited since I peed myself the first time this morning. This is the way I came back to the office (no one else here) to make a short break: wet underneath, absolutely horny. I just opened my rain coat to see what it looks like underneath: so great! My thighs all wet, the shiny and smooth fabric of my working pants is dark from wetness at the front, and I am sure I will releive the rest of my pee in a few minutes when I am outside again. Cannot stop any more and I am so lustful.

Greetings, Andi

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A good thing about desperation and wetting is that it can be a secret pleasure. Not many people understand it, but if they don't know about it they can't disapprove! I'm often desperate to pee when others are around, but I don't show it - except perhaps for the ***** in my pants. And I've been known to let some loose in my pants when they were already soaked from the rain.

Well, MisterWii, that's what I do... . Summer seems to be right ahead now, look forward to letting go.

And, dear lilbitofpee, I love to write them. It is like living it again, and it is great to share such experiences. At the beginning it was so hard not to be ashamed about it - and steadily I looked for reasons for this special fetish. It has become much easier time by time now that I know that many people share it. Yes, it has become fun and excitement. So: Yes, I will!

I enjoyed reading your sexy secret! Keep them *******...

Oh yes, that's what it did. It is so nice to enjoy those little secret moments and can suddenly turn a badly started day (milk for my coffee was empty, that's kinda worst case) into a nice one. And it really is a turn-on to keep a little sexy secret the whole day long, that no one even has an idea of... .

I recall walking from the office to my car...about 7 blocks away...in a driving rain. It was windy, and the rain was coming down sideways. But, it was summertime, so it didn't feel uncomfortable. My umbrella sort of kept some of me dry, but after a few blocks, my pants became soaked with rain. Luckily, I walked the last 2 blocks on a one-way street, walking with traffic...because if I had been walking facing traffic, they'd have gotten an eyeful of a raging erection. Thinking back on it, I should have wet myself, too, because there is no way I would have been any wetter, anyway. As I often say "it's good to have a plan", and next time that situation occurs, I'll be soaked.<br />
You used a wonderful opportunity that was presented to you. I hope it helped keep you warm and comfy and turned on all day.