Grandma's Cleavage

The Holidays bring back fond memories of my Grandma baking cookies. We would have cookie baking marathons shortly after Thanksgiving. My grandma was a short, chubby old woman who was very large chested.( Big boobs run in the family ) We used to joke around with her at Easter time and ask if she found any left over Christmas cookies in her cleavage. Her reply was always the same..."Damn Kids!"  Now that I am an adult I often find that my cleavage is reminiscent of my Grandma's. If I miss my mouth, which is often, it always hits dead center on my chest. Can't tell you how many stains I have had to deal with all these years. Think that Grandma had the right idea. Wear v-neck shirts. Saves on stain sticks and leaves a little something to snack on later!
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3 Responses Dec 19, 2007

Cute story. I use many stain sticks. lol

I think it's all hereditary - my husband says he knows my sister and I are genetically related because we both always have stains on the front of our shirts, right about breast level. He used to give me a hard time and tell me I was a goof, and then he met my sister. It finally all made sense to him. He no longer picks on me and often he battles me for the hidden piece of popcorn my cleavage claimed sometime during the movie.

That's a great story!