Tortilla ****

This isn't a recent story, actually, it happened about 8 years ago.  A group of girl friends and I went out for a night on the town and started at a Mexican restaurant for drinks and food first.  A few hours later at a dance club I felt something itching in my bra.  I discreetly reached in(I had been drinking, and yes I was in the restroom, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't discreet) and pulled out a portion of a tortilla chip.  Well, I had the name Tortilla **** for a few months after that one. 

piscesgal piscesgal
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guess that's better than scrambled. :-p hehe . . . or raw

Lol, well, I will say this, they don't look like chips, but yes, I can sometimes find remnants of old meals/snacks in there, it's just bound to happen. Fried eggs . . . eeeks, reminds me of shriveled yams . . .

Thanks Koy, it was a fun night, and nice to look back on it with an 'endearing' nickname, lol. :-)

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Heartwarming! Nice story tt.<br />