Cheerios, Goldfish, Cookie Crumbs...

Oh the joys of having small and very messy children!  Im a nursing mommy so Im a little top heavy right now.  Its really fun when my two year old son goes fishing for that lost goldfish at the grocery store.  He has half his arm down my shirt...can I tell you the looks I get! 

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4 Responses Jul 6, 2009

That's too funny. :-)

Its actually the men that give me weird or dirty looks. But its not like Im going to explain what's going on to the guy. "No, he's not playing with my boobs, he fishing out his long lost goldfish." I can see myself saying that as my son keeps digging for his snack. I don't see that helping much.

I bet from the older lady was looking. <br />
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Most people who see it will understand and giggle. And those who don't, well, who cares. :)