They Broke Into My Apartment Mailbox

I moved into an apartment complex and as I was checking things out I saw that the mailbox was not closed all the way although it locked and I didn't see it as a problem so I left it as it was.  When I checked a few days later there was a letter for another apartment and I thought the postman had simply made a delivery mistake.  My opinion changed though when yet another letter to the same persons apartment was in there again and to me that indicated that someone was getting mail and sticking it into the space of my broken mailbox.  I went out to check the box again and it was WIDE OPEN this time!  Someone had actually pried the box open maybe to get the letter that they had expected.  This time I went to the office and reported the mailbox and they immediately had it repaired.  Unfortunately the work wasn't done before whomever it was getting in there had stolen my new Visa check card.  Fortunately for me the card had not been activated and therefore they could not use it.  I called the bank and had the card cancelled and now I have to go to the local branch and order a new card.  Now I wish I'd not taken the broken box so lightly.

Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
Feb 23, 2009