Wow :(

i met him in the 9th grade we hit it off so well, we were practically like twins. after gr.11 he moved across the country with him family, but hes kept in touch with me the entire time...he told me a few days ago that he just found out hes got cancer...hes only 21...

i keep thinking it isnt real, it CANT be real, why would he have to go through this after everything lifes already thrown at the poor guy?

im so worried, i dunno what to say to make him feel anybetter, i want to BE there for him, i want him to get through it, but he already dosent have any hope...

i wish it would all go away! i wish i could see him, its been 4 years! :'(

i hope more than anything he will get better and i really really hope hes got some people that are gonna be there for him up there...

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1 Response Oct 26, 2009

Are you able to write or phone?<br />
Dont worry about what to say he will just be pleased to hear from you.