Happy 21st Birthday First Love

So the 12th was my first loves birthday & I something told me to go on my myspace. So I did & started balling my eyes out when I saw pictures of me & my first love. My cousin told me to calm down b/c he wouldn't want me upset. I just miss him so much. It hurts knowing that he isn't coming back. I wish he didn't go so soon.
daddysgurl92 daddysgurl92
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I just lost my first love. I loved him more than anyone or anything I have ever loved, and he just passed away this December two weeks before his 22nd birthday. It is not easy, and the pain does not go away with time; in fact, the pain gets worse. Losing someone who was once a big part of your life will be one of the most tragic experience you will ever go through. Hang in there.

Yeaa I know. I lost my Dad 6 months before my first love died. It hurts so much & yes the feeling does get worse. Sorry to hear about your first love.