Wow thanks for that, goodness me, the man slapped the cuffs on hard with that one! Bound to my sentence i willingly surrender, the tears have ceased, the ache is numb, its gona be a colllld winter but hey I'm super mum, i got this!! Plus my energy supplier is awesome, thank you for that too! Thanks to my man for being the most beautiful man to grace this earth, i love you, i understand you and i will marry you even if I'm silver and wrinkley, it will be done! Thank you to god for the struggle, i get your motives! Love it, great writing material ;) I love my books they are so good and 5 mins in this one can transform thoughts and open gateways!!! I looooove the magick its so uplifting! That's a lot of rain x feel my heart i feel your pain xxx
Humbled, grateful and gracefully yours. Kitty
CraftyKitty CraftyKitty
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014