Oh Man, Seventh Grade Was Living Hell For Me

this isnt exactly a bad hair cut that i just got, but still here is my story...




Ainsley had begged her mother for weeks to allow her to get her hair permed. Her mother finally agreed. Ainsley cared for her long tight spiral curls for awhile... but her mother was right in the end. Ainsley just didnt take the time needed to style the hair as it should be styled, and so Ainsley and her mother fought and fought about the hair, all through the summer between sixth and seventh grade. One night they had a fight that was really bad.. and Ainsley's mother told her "if you aren't able to style your hair every day, then I am going to make you cut it short" and Ainsley had ignored her mother. The next day they went to get Ainsley's hair trimmed, because she needed it, and Ainsley decided to be spiteful, and get her hair cut short, even though she knew her mother never really intended for it to happen.

it turned out awful. Ainsley didnt account for the fact her hair was permed so the cute edgy hair cut she had picked out (although it woudlnt have worked for her round face anyways) just ended up jerry curling and looking grandmotherly.  So Ainsley got to enter seventh grade pale, flat chested, with horrible teeth, and a grandmotherly haircut. 

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School people can be so harsh..They called me names and yelled mean mean words all because my head doesn't work like theirs..

eh, the girls in the locker room made me cry on pretty much a daily basis

Poor you ! It must have been awful ! Hopefully hair always gets better :)