I decided to get a tattoo last spring. Now it's october and I'm still finishing it up in 3 hour stages. i've been inked a little before, but really small stuff (a blue bird on my *** and a comet elsewhere), but I wanted something big. My new one is an octopus under water, really beautiful color work and very organic.  The octopus covers my entire bicep and has tentacles that reach accross my chest. The boat and sky are perched on my shoulder. the ship was designed after a boat the my grandfather had called the Cheerio. And although he sailed in on Lake Erie (and there are no octopi there) it's still a stormy nautical scene. the sky and the boat are not colored yet...even after 8 hours of being needled. I'm really happy even though I'm in the crusty flaky stages.
AlligatorInfant AlligatorInfant
26-30, M
Oct 9, 2006