Best Friend Betrayal

if your best friend broke your trust (and you both know crazy damaging things about each other) do you walk away or try to repair.  i'm walking away right now.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Me too, i know what its like. Check out one of my posts. Hope we can be friends and talk to each other ^_^

I "DO" think 'Forgiveness' NEEDS to "Come Back In Style".

once bitten, forever shy. no matter how much the bff ever tries to justify behaviors, they have to EARN trust back but now this person is forever a person of character that I thought she was not in my mind. that what life is all about, closing doors and opening new ones as good or bad things happen that you learn and grow from....i'm not sad i lost her.

Well after years of this happening to me I say run. You don't have to forget the good times and you don't have to harbor ill will just stay true to yourself. Once bitten twice shy. I swear those are words to live by. Good luck. I'm sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain.