Stupid And Clueless

I was dating someone who dumped me 2 other times but I took him back for the 3rd after what seemed like such heart felt thoughtful words and sincere apologies. I thought about it for a month (this january) and decided to try. I am stunned and in shock but of course people around me either don't know or have little sympathy/empathy or out right anger. (Mainly it seems that people feel like I was a fool for going back and at best just don't want to hear about it.) - I am shocked and feel really used. I have been crying all day and just feel lost and want to think that I might be lovable but am feeling that all evidence is to the contrary. I was dumped by text message and it really was just stunning - if only real life were like sex in the city -where you can be dumped but have an amazing support system and connections to talk and laugh about it to.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Wow thank you all so much for such thoughtful replies. I have to admit that rereading that post made me cringe a bit (but I was in such a despairing space when I wrote it that I guess I should be glad that it seems to have at least included a few formed sentences?)... I just want to say that getting such supportive responses to my whimpering with so little actual real context really gives me a bit more hope in humanity (sorry to be so dramatic - but I am in the "what does it all mean" stage (ok I'm always in it but the volume is just turned up a bit after feeling so hurt and devastated) ) . Just to throw out there - I usually date women and this person was a guy.... I'm trying not to buy into gender stereotypes but I think I may be particularly grief stricken by how quickly he ended the relationship and well how indifferent he seems and in such a short time -I almost feel crazy - like I have to refer to pictures and texts and e-mails to believe that there was a relationship - I wish I better understood where he was coming from - or why he or anyone can be so dismissive/indifferent after a 3 year relationship - I think realizing that I am losing a friend too - my closest friend really - it's all just too much to get my mind around. Sorry to be continuing with such a tiresome rant but if anyone has any thoughts I would really love to hear them - because I really am feeling "stupid and cluless" about all of this

I agree with blueeyedblond. It was great advice. I was just dumped (after 6 months) and am still crying and am a lot older than you.<br />
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Please do not look at your love for this guy where you forgave him and kept taking him back as it being your fault that it happened . You can't control what he does. You can only control how you react to what he does. <br />
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Move on and chalk it up as a lifetime experience. I wish you well. God bless