I Just Got Dumped This Morning

i have been dating adam for two years And i guess two years were not good enough. Just because im having family issues and am trying to balance work, skl and him, and the family stuff and i don't idk i guess make him as happy he dumps me. Im srry i acted different, im srry i wasn't good enough, but u kno my family has too come first. but i guess it doesn't matter because in reality i never did. So Adam im srry. I fell horrible to have hurt you even tho i didnt even try let alone know i was hurting you. Youll probably read this and get angry, i really dont care/ you can be angry with me at skl and out in the world but on EP leave me alone. i get it, i wasnt good enough and i dont know how many times i can say srry.

I dont even know why im posting this, it just feels good to let it all go.
Artemis17 Artemis17
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

OH GOD. REALLY ADAM? i didnt tell you anything? you have me confused with someone else. And please, just leave me alone on here. And u know wht. I DO have my priorities straight. My COUSIN is my #1 priority so he can have a better future.

U dont even tell me wht the hell is wrong half the time, U think i cant tell when ur upset? wht did u not trust me? I just think we shouldn't be together until you get your priorities straight victoria.