Always Something To Miss

I miss her eyes, I miss her smile, i miss her laugh, I miss the way she looks at me, I miss the way that we get eachother, I miss her body, I miss the little freckle she has on her neck, I miss her hugs, I miss cuddling her, I miss how she supports me in bad times, I miss how small her hands are so when we walked hand in hand my hand looked hugh which she thought was cute, I miss the way she told me she loved me and repeatedly told me, I miss the way she said **** it and overcame everyone problem to be with me (maybe not every >.>), I miss how when I needed a place to stay she'd be the first to offer, I miss how smart she was, I miss her blonde hair (random, I know. o_O) I miss how she persuaded me so easily to get her own way, I miss how she always smelt great and I miss how she never once doubted me and always trusted and cared for me. I also miss a whole lot more but tbh this has gotten pathetic enough.

I ******* miss her though /:
Icanthelpet Icanthelpet
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 8, 2011

Yeah, she was one hell of a girl, shes changed though.

From the way you describe her she must have been a wonderful person. I'm sorry for your lose. I know it hurts.