May 20th, 2012, It Ended...

me and my boyfriend have been together since September 2010. yesterday he just decided to break up with me.... i loved him so much. we've broken up once every month of this year.. so we were pretty unstable. then he cheated on me again couple weeks ago. he knows he is a bad boyfriend and all i can say is that he sucks. everyone says i deserve better, but i doubt i will find anyone else. my boyfriend is a convict and i was there for him when he went to prison for 4 months. he doesn't care about me anymore and that showed a lot.. i guess it wasn't meant to be. we broke up before the final break up and over 15 people have shown me that they do not like him. so i'm in a world of pain, because i loved him, he was the only guy i truly loved. my heart is torn and i have Depression so that does not help. my heart is just crushed. i'm so miserable. i don't have any friends. so no one will take me out to go for a ride or anything. i am a total loser.
wolfbane11 wolfbane11 22-25, F May 21, 2012

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