God, I Loved Her Sooooo Much.

Well 2 days ago my girlfriend dropped me.

We only went out for 2 weeks, but i swear, ive never felt this way about a girl before.
From the moment i first saw her i knew she was the most beautiful girl i had ever met, and from the first time i talked to her i knew she was going to be the funniest, the nicest, the most helpful... And she told me she wanted to go out with me.

We started going out, and really didn't know eachother all that well. I met her through a friend and we hung out once before. We started off just chillin at her house, watching movies. After doing that for a few days she looked me straight in the eyes and said she loved me, and gave me a kiss. I knew right then that i loved her too... And i still do.

Well 2 days ago she wanted to hang out, so i went to her house and we just chilled for a bit, but i knew something was WAYYY wrong, cause when i walked into her house, all i got was a smile, no hug, no kiss, nothing. But i kinda just thought maybe she was having a bad day or something... Well her friend asked her to have us come chill with a few other friends. So we walked to her friends house, and she kinda stayed away, always holding something in her hand that was nearest to me... Making sure i wouldn't hold her hand. So we got to her friends house... First thing she does is give everyone a hug... Except for me... We went into her friends basement, and i sat down on the couch, right next to her... She got up and moved across the room. Then she stopped talking... Just kinda sitting around not saying anything to anyone, and everyone starts wanting to go to the local festivle thingy. So we all get up and go outside. She stopped and waited for everyone to start walking, she looked at me and said "I dont think we should date anymore..." And i just sat there. Shocked as ****... We hung out 2 days before this and she was acting like there was no problems. So i said "Well... I guess i kinda saw that comming from the way you were acting." And she just said "Im sorry, please dont hate me." And turned around and walked away.

Well ive been talking to her, telling her i dont hate her. But when i asked her why she did it she told me it was because i wanted to hang out too much... Within the 2 weeks we were going out, we only hung out 5 times... And that's too much??? Then I asked why she just didn't say anything, and she didn't have an answer. So she said depending on how the summer went, maybe she would take me back... And i know i shouldn't have to be taken back for something im not in the wrong for, but i love her sooooo much i just dont care.... Just today she told me to forget about us going out, and that she wasn't taking me back.

I dont know why... I loved her soooo much, and she always told me how much she loved me... She always kissed me before i could get the chance kiss her, and everything seemed perfect...

I hate life right now...




The day i wrote this, she asked her ex from 8th grade out...

She ****** me over soooo bad!

The kid looks like he hasn't showered in ******* 2 weeks, and he smokes SOOOOOO much...

She always said "Smoking KILLS!" whenever we would see a smoker, and now shes going out with one... What a *******.... Never mind...
and she didn't thin anything was wrong with that...

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3 Responses Jun 14, 2008

Try being with the girl 2 years and then breaks up with you for the same jack *** she dumped before getting with you. Oh only 1 day after breaking up.<br />
<br />
Anyways the hurt is all the same. I know what your going through.

sounds like a stupid little girl to me.<br />
just get on with it and she will see you don't need her and i promise you, that will burn her *** soooooo bad.<br />
girls like this always want what they can't have so go on, let her see that she won't get you down. it will be sweeeeeeet

OH MY GOSH!!!<br />
what a *****=(<br />
thats really sad. im so sorry>