Stupid In Love

I just got dumped by this guy around half an hour ago.

I put in so much time and effort, even money (he's a taking master degree in a local university and i'm working, so most of the time i paid for all the thing we bought), but in the end, he told me he don't want me anymore because 1) i have frequent allergies), 2) i'm emotional/ moody sometimes especially when we argue 3) he thinks my mum doesn't like him

And what makes me mad, prior to this, he asked to have sex and when i said i'm not feeling well today he told me if i can't have sex, what's the point being together and he'll definitely find some other woman.

I felt really stupid. And this break-up thing made me feel bad about my image. I felt like i have been dumped because i'm not attractive due to the allergies.


WinterSolitude WinterSolitude
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

It sucks, getting over a broken heart as well. However, it sounds like you dodged a bullet there. Just remember that the excuses we hear is not always the real reasons and that a relationship is the combination of two peoples comitment and choices. In the end even if we do everyhting right there is always the other person that can screw it up (even if they are the one that break it off). We need to consider the actual price of being in such a relationship rather than the pain we are feeling now.