Drink Drink And Cry

I’m sitting here aware
That you are with him
So I’ll grab this bottle
and drink, drink and cry

I’m alone today and I’m alone tomorrow
not because I cant be with someone else
but because I cant stand to be with anyone but you
so I’ll grab this bottle
and drink, drink and cry

the sun may rise and the sun may set
but without you here I cannot reset
who I used to be, who I want to be
who I could be for you
so I’ll grab this bottle
and drink, drink, and cry

the nights grow longer
and the days grow shorter
for me the nights are sad
but for you, you have him
in your bed with a bottle
so I’ll grab my own
and drink drink and cry

thinking of the two of you is killing me
knowing your sleeping with another
knowing his hands are all over you
his lips on your breast
your arms around him
his heart in yours
so I’ll grab this gun
and drink, drink, and die.
Sicklyromantic Sicklyromantic
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Great Poem, I'm going through something similar. I wrote a poem of sorts as well. You should read mine, though mine has an upbeat ending because in the end. We are better off without them. If they cant see the good in us, we will find someone else who can!

wow!It's that a song...well it looks like a song. :) If it's not that's sad...but it's gonna be alright. :)

It's a poem I wrote

wow!That's good!! :)

Thank you very much

welcome! :)

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