When Being Good, Just Isnt Enough

In relationships,

when do people stop focusing on what they want and instead realize what they've got? No relationship is perfect, everyone of us has to compromise to some extent because we can not change one another.

When you're treated like a queen, touched, caressed, held, protected. Told on a regular how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you. But its just not enough.

When you're given the freedom you so desire, after a divorce we all need some freedom, God knows I do.
But its just not enough.

When we're going out and trying new things together, foods and places you or I have never been to.
But its just not enough.

When we have passionate sex, and stare into each others eyes so deeply while we *** at the same time.
But its just not enough.

When we even slightly mention the L word and how attached we've become.
But its just not enough.

When your friends tell you that he's good for you.
But just not good enough.

When you decide to runaway because things are getting a little more serious than expected, and I'm good, maybe even great for you.

But maybe, just maybe YOU'RE just not good enough for me.
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