I Got Dumped For Her Ex After 2 Yrs!

My ex girl friend dumped me a couple of days ago because she is and has always been in love with her ex boyfriend and thats who she had been wanting the whole 2 years we were together. She even told him to leave his girl and to move up here where we live. We were living together with kids even and she made me find a new home to live with my daughter so she could move him in asap. I feel that I wasted these past 2 years with her because she should have been upfrongt with me about her true feelings. Now I am so heart broken I dont know what to do. This sucks. To top it off this ex cheated on her 3 times, and left bruises on her son. What is she thinking? She told me its not my fault its her's but I cant help to feel I was a major part in it too. There is so much more to this story but just cant deal with it right now.




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5 Responses Nov 4, 2008

im so sorry ...wish you were here i would hug you ...and try to make you feel alittle better

Whatever you do, don't dwell on it for long. Let it heal, and move on. She will eventually come to her senses and regret her stupid decision. When that day comes, make sure you are with someone who will treat you right, and it will eat your ex up to see you with someone who really deserves you.

Shes not even worth it, forget the past and move on to a better future, with a better person

Dude, just forget about her as quick as you can and never, ever go back to her. There are alot of women who can't find a man who doesn't mind kids. Although, I gotta say, her new man should have a serious accident for leaving lumps on a kid.

I am sorry to hear your pain. She doesnt seem like smart person. Be strong, you deserve better :)