Unrequited Love

I have been friends with D for a long time.  She and I belong to the same social group--we love the group dearly.  She has always had health problems, and I have been there to care for her needs.  I used to take days off using my own vacation time to care for her.

She cared for me too, don't get me wrong--when I was injured, she cared for me.

We were friends...I began to have feeling of affection for her.  I couldn't get her out of my mind...I would even have fantasies about her.

I was going to take her to the club's Valentine dance--I had it all planned out--I would pick her up, complete with choclates and roses--I would take her to the dance, then bring her home. I hand wrote an invitation for her, asking her to RSVP.

I received a call from her asking about the note, and asking if I had meant it in more than a friendly way.  I couldn't help it--I told her how I felt about her.

She appreciated my feelings but she said that she always thought of me as 'just a friend' and she didn't want anything to harm that friendship.

Just friends. After all that we had been through...just friends.

I don't want to hate her--in many ways, I do still love her.  I can just never, ever express my feelings for her.  Ever.

danimal1960 danimal1960
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2007

Don't give up a lot of people have found themselves in that certain situation I was one of them you can try what I did don't tell her but show her why you are the perfect candidate to be her special someone if you really feel for this girl don't give up

i wish i'd had a "friend" like you.