Hearts Broken.

I met this girl about a week ago. she just broke up with her boyfriend and we hit it off really well. She has 2 kids and we got along great. Today I invited her to come over and she just texted me that she is getting back with her BF and has to cut me loose.

I totally saw it comming but it hurts so bad. I really need someone to talk to right now. Its hard finding someone who understands this kind of pain. I feel like such a fool.

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2 Responses Aug 13, 2007

I wasnt thinking clearly. There were so many signs that things were not going to work out but I chose to close my eyes to them and wish them away. Sad thing is that if she called right now I would take her back in a second. Pretty sad.

Txt break-ups are utterly unacceptable. But if you only met her a week ago, do you really know her that well? Clearly no matter how good the chemistry, it's clear that she's not the sort of person one should trust with ones feelings, unless one wants a world of pain. On and off with her boyfriend, txt breakups... sounds like bad news to me!