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 just got dumped for the 5th time by the same guy.. awesome huh? my lucky number is 3 apparently.. everytime i cross the 3 month limit my boyfriend dumps me.. ever since i was 12.. all of em never pass the 3 month limit.. never had a longer relationship.. cant even talk bout it.. just wanted to share

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my name is hany, i'm 36 years, lives in Egypt
i try to have a friendship via internet, i wish to know different people culture from many countries, i know it is difficult, so i wish to be lucky

i feel for you hun. im here for you. ive dated the same guy seven times in the course of three years. you've always got someone to relate to.. no matter how ******* e d up something gets.

Hi<br />
Actually I want to help you but you didn`t say many detail for anything but i will advice you an advice don`t look for the relation let the relation comes to you because somtime may somone want a relation he loves love it selfe not his beloved so let everything be normal and wait and u will find what u want and if theres anydetail i wish if u share us may somone helps u and all of us benfite of ur experiance<br />

You will be fine...obviously this guy does not know what he had. I am sure some nice young man would be happy to start something with you...Take Care.