Trying To Have An Affair...

I was on a 'married dating' website and I met several prospects, two of which I met irl for lunch.  One I made out w/ over coffee and the other I only got to kiss once, briefly.  I wanted more from both of them, but in the past week both of them broke it off w/ me.  One's wife found out he was on the website and the other decided to break up w/ his live-in gf.  I understand they have their primary lives and that is obviously their priority, b/c I feel the same, but man it hurt to be dumped twice in a week, no matter what the reason.  I always told myself I wouldn't get emotionally invested but obviously I did.  I didn't know either of these men very well, but I ended up wanting to and even hearing that teensy weensy voice in the back of my head say 'what if?' .  That is a very scary thing to hear from yourself when having an affair, b/c they will never work out to be anything but flights of fancy.  I was just dumped for the second time today so its a fresh wound and I am glad to be able to express what I'm feeling.  Anyone else know this pain?

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I feel for you on that aspect----once you start and find that person and connect than your willing to take though consiquices. The hard part is when you fall in love and every day you wish you were there.---good luck in your search

Omg...I have been dumped twice in the last month by guys I met on a "married dating" web site too. I know exactly how your feel. It stings just as much if I was single. One guy became overwhelmed with guilt and the other just dumped me today because his daughter has become ill. If these guys are truthful, I totally understand their situations but I've been searching for a lover for 2 years with no success. I've had other guys just disappear after chatting or meet me once and never hear from them again. So, I know your pain. This sucks.