I Got Fired Today :(

I worked at this really neat Irish restaurant for nearly 2 years. My schedule took up most of my time, but I didn't mind because I loved working there. I was well-liked by everyone, had many strong friendships with my co workers, loved all mgmt and bossed, avoided drama, was constantly a smiling busy bee. Everyday I looked forward to being there. I took my job very seriously. I also happened to be late for work ONE Sunday about 6 months ago. I received a verbal warning and felt very sorry, and like a Shithead. Well, guess what happened yesterday? I slept through my alarm at 9 am, woke up and hour and a half late and freaked the KCUF out!! I panicked and immediately called my supervisor. She said it was ok and they had it covered. I sent her 3 text messages throughout the day, apologizing. In the meantime, I'm a nervous wreck and worried. Didn't sleep a wink last night. I show up to talk to her this morning, and she hands me a pink slip and gives her "I'm sorry but we have to part ways" speech. I just nodded my head and took the pink slip (funny, I didn't know they were literally pink). Now I am in shock. Oh, and they have a rule that if you get fired, you're not allowed back in. I just got 86'd from all my friends. My roomate works there, too.

- Tarina Jayne.
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.Congratulations on your new job and higher position! After reading your story I was going to tell you that, with one crisis comes opportunity for better more challenging experiences. After reading further down, the comments, I saw you stepped up one more level in your young life, with the new job and position. There will be many more downs and ups, in your life and if you slip down a step or two, never give up, look at the opportunities around you, chose one and continue your climb. I, personally have trusted God and sought His guidance throughout my life and He has always provided and never let me down. God bless you and your pursuits in this coming New Year! Danny

Is it that Tilted Kilt place? Don't dwell on it :) maybe it's a sign to move onto bigger and better things :)

No it was the Irish wolfhound in surprise

Oh I've never heard of that place. It's like an hour away. Did you find another job yet?

Ya tilted kilt is about 30 minutes away. And tes, I actually have an interview for a kitchen manager position next week.