I Just Got Married In 1977

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary and I was writing down everything that was happening that year since we can't seem to remember. First of the details of the day.  It was a sweltering hot day in Atlanta. The church was small and hot. Let's get the service over with quickly onto the afternoon reception!

That evening we were holding our own party at the downtown Hyatt Regency... in our hotel suite. It was quite a blow out affair and I don't remember most of it. But I do remember that I couldn't get rid of everyone. It was 2:00 AM and no one would leave. The party was still going strong. Finally the best man stood up and said it shutting down because he thought it be nice if we could have sex before we left the next morning for Colorado. 

Thank you Jack!

Trivia from 1977
Space Shuttle made its first test flight
Apple II personal computer went on sale.
New York City Black out
Gas cost $.65 per gallon
Avg new house was $49,000
Avg income was $15,000
Big movies were Rocky, Annie Hall,Star Wars
Mini Series Roots was on TV
Eagles released Hotel California
We are the Champions by Queen
World Trade Centers were Built
My wife weighed 125 lbs.

It's been quite a ride. And if I play my card right I'd get another ride tonight!
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2012

I got married in 1977 too. It has been a year since your post, so now Happy Anniversary again. I got married on April 23, 1977. Thank God, we are still going strong and happy.

I might as well say I didn't get what I wanted on my anniversary. It was a nice enough thought but my wife has issues at the moment.

It was fun researching this Information. I added it all in the card I got her. Cards are usually so lame so this will make it a better read!

Happy Anniversary, I hope you get that present you been wanting! Good luck!