Update On: That's All That Matters

Last October I wrote a story called "That's All that Matters". And I got opinions, advice, and criticism from several people. Well At the time I had been married for 3 months. I have now been married 10 months and although I have learned a lot about myself, my husband, and about life, I do not regret getting married at 17. Although we both have our faults, and we don't always do what the other would like, we love each other -- AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Although we have faced many issues that people our age usually do not get to experience until later in life, we stand together and face whatever comes our way. I'm not going to say it's been easy, I'm not going to say there hasn't been a moment when I wish I'd have made different choices, but I am going to say that it's all been worth it.  For some reason I love him, and for some reason he loves me back, and as long as we fight for each other more than we fight with each other then we're coming out a head of the game! So I'll keep you posted in the (hopefully) coming months and years. Keep the comments coming, I love to hear them all (even the ones criticizing me...lol

MrsLaing MrsLaing
18-21, F
May 12, 2009