I'm Married, Woah

My wife and I just got marrieed  in the courthouse yesterday afternoon. She is 18 and I'm 22. We met October of last year and have dated since November 16th, 2008. Now that I'm married I realize how close of a bond marriage is meant to be between two people in the eyes of God and one another. I woke up this morning, looked down at my ring, and felt an emotion I never have before. I felt as if my second priority in life would be nothing but to serve and love this woman with all my heart forever. My first priority remained to serve and honor God. It's an amazing thing to experience and can't wait to go on this adventure. I know there will be difficulties and rocky places but my committment will remain the same. My main conclusion is this: you never really know what being married feels like, until you're married. I thought I had an idea before, but wow..I was so off. 

Cr8ton Cr8ton
2 Responses Aug 6, 2009

Congratulations! That's so sweet. =) God bless you both.