Fingers stepped on,Trampled and Crushed Under a Cheerleader's Uggs Boots today

I have had a crush-trample fetish since I was 6, I will post that story of how it all started another time; but let's just say I get great pleasure getting my hands stepped on by women.
I love many types of shoes to be stepped on with and unless you tried it you wouldn't realize that it actually feels nice to get stepped on by a woman. Spike heels can hurt so good but sneakers like Keds and boots like Uggs feel squishy and soft as they crush my fingers.
In any event I was going up a narrow stairway behind a girl in tall Uggs and was willing to chance it and play stupid and I stumbled and thats how my hand got under your boot; but that didn't happen. I wanted to get my fingers stepped on by this girl so bad so on the stairs I put my hand flat on the next step "takes skill to not brush her leg or boot and get to her next step with my hand flat". She stomped all 4 of my left fingers flat under the sole of her left Ugg and just walked over them not even noticing that she stepped on anything. The worn boot sole felt like a squishy pillow smashing my fingers and was just so awesome. It was such a tease as I would have loved her to trample my hands for an hour as well as crush out my fingers like a cigarette under her boot, but I am lucky I got what I got. I still can't believe her boot was so soft and squishy that she never even noticed that she stomped and walked over my fingers; lucky me!
As it's hard to ask a woman to step on my hands and some consider it weird and I don't need that floating around about me, I do it like this sometimes when I can get stepped on by a woman in shoes I like in public; most times not even getting noticed or if so, thought to be an accident and never suspected as that I got my hands crushed under her shoes on purpose
If any LI, NY girls would help me with this fetish, I would love to have you trample my hands some day soon, please message me
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1 Response Dec 23, 2010

You know, I talked to some women about this, and maybe you should ask this girl next time to walk on you. Though we guys think otherwise, girls are very sensitive, and I bet she knew she stepped on you, and rather then apologize and make an awkward scene, she probably just figured that if she keeps on walking, then she can't get into trouble. Well that and she gets the added benefit of getting a rush possibly causing inexplicable harm to a guy.