Hell. That is what my juicer is to me.

We just bought a juicer to help strengthening our health. Juicing some fruits and vegetables provide that needed detoxifying juices a person needs to clean up the body once in a while.

We bought the thing three weeks ago and the number of times we used it is... drum roll please, two. Just two.

Cleaning the juicer is pure hell. Man, there are so many components and things we have to brush to make it clean again. I already put in the plastic bag into the detachable container to help with the mess but that is only maybe 25% of the cleaning job. The rest is with the rotating grinder and slot where the juice comes from.

I really wish someone could invent a juicer that is so easy to clean. Juicing stuff at our house has become so bad that every time we see it on the table, the first question someone asks is, "Who's cleaning this up?"

I feel like comparing drinking soda and natural juice, the former is so much easier. I mean, just open a can and you're already drinking. With a juice, you got to slice 'em (juicing 'whole fruits' my foot!) and squeeze 'em and then clean 'em.

Ack, it so hard to be healthy.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 11, 2012