Maybe You Can Help?

Hi i am a @unicornsss I am wondering if you can tell me if I am correct about how I will probably get my period next year? Here are my facts and supportive facts:
About me:

-I am in 6th grade
-I am pretty sure I am 5 foot 3 (or) 4
-I really want my period and all my friends are getting them and I'm so confused and it's just crazy 😩😫
Supporting Facts:

-My mother got hers in 7th grade
-My sister got hers 3 days before 6th grade
-I have hair "down there" ( I guess you can say a "pretty good amount")
-I don't have underarm hair except for my peach fuzz getting 1 centimeter longer ( a guess)
-I got a bra in 4th grade thinking I need it, I now realize I really don't but I still wear one (its a 30a, haven't grown since)
-Im pretty sure I haven't grown in a while
-No mood swings (except my usual questioning myself and preteen thoughts like that)
-No cravings, except for pizza (but I just LOVE pizza normally)
-No cramps (except that I get hella bad backaches especially when I stand to long)
Notes and Thoughts on it

I have just always wanted it. And then my friend got hers in 5th grade and then my other over summer break and then another last month! Now it's me and my two other friends who don't have it. I feel so jealous and so odd! :(
Kind of the Moral of This

So, I know you can't exactly pin point when I'm gonna get it, but can you PLEASE at least comment in 6th grade, over the break, or 7th (maybe even later) so PLEASE comment! Even if its been seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even a year since I've posted this! I will still be checking, so PLEASE comment at least advice, answers, ect...
Sorry I've taken up so much time!😁 But bye love you!
Unicornsss Unicornsss
13-15, F
3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

So has it happened yet?

trust me i am in grade 7 and getting your period is awful. When i got it i had terrible stomach aches and terrible head aches. İ know you want it. But grade 6 is still too young. if you hadnt got hair under your arm pits then i am not sure if you will get it. But you will get it when your mum got it probably. Dont ever make yourself feel down. And by the way grade 5 is way too early. İts not normal and they could get canser. You will get it too. But when you do trust me you will regret it. İ love you
my best wishes,Rosie

Oh! And I am 11 not 13-15 and NOT a woman, sadly :(

Ummm to be a women you need to be over 18.

Add me please?
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both people have to be 18 to see another's profile. im really 13.