A New Beginning

I need to start 10 years ago when we got divorced.Then, he came crawling back saying that he changed. We had our ups and downs like normal couples but he was still abusive and controlling. I told him I have had it.I AM DONE! What do u mean? I love you because you are their dad but I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. and I explained everything,laid it all out...now, I AM single and have 2 sons:)
Cheers to my new beginning!!
Durandee1620 Durandee1620
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3 Responses May 27, 2007

we are stronger than what we think we are!!! i remember the ex (abuser!) saying i wouldn't make it without him!! I may be poor but i made it!! here he is remarried and still abusing me( "pitiful"!!!) we can fly!! from feflower!

CONGRATS for leaving an abusive relationship, apparently it is one of the hardest things to do, because of all the various dynamics. YOU have every right to HAPPINESS, and to quote Dr. Phil, abuse is a DEAL breaker in any relationship and the one thing worse than being in a bad marriage for 10 years is being in one for 10 years plus one day. OICE for happiness is a brave one, enjoy your journet!!

congrats!!!u deserve to be happy.....